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    Cliff Notes of the WJ Southard story.

    1915: WJ Southard purchases the Alexander Smith Rug Cleaning Company.  He expands the operation to include making and cleaning horsehair mattresses.

    WJ Southard's first ad in the newspaper in 1915 
    WJ Southard's first advertisement in the Syracuse Herald on May 18, 1915.

    1925: Southard opens a new factory on Hawley Ave with high powered sewing machines.

    WJ Southard's mattress factory in 1915 
    The mattress factory and store at 433 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse, NY.

    1929:WJ using the same techniques and materials that we use today in our Archetype. 

    Inside of cotton and innerspring mattress in 1929

    Advertisement in the Syracuse Herald on September 15, 1929

    1932: A fire destroys the mattress factory.  At 70, WJ and his sons rebuild.

    Syracuse Herald Article - Mattress factory rebuilt after fire 

    Article from the Syracuse Herald on November 13, 1932

    1933:WJ Southard passes away. His sons, Leon, Harold and John take over.

    1950s:Southard Mattress begins producing latex mattresses and hasn’t stopped since.

    Mattress Law Tag from 1950 using Latex foam rubber

    Law tag from the 1950s for our latex mattresses.

    1965:Harold dies suddenly.  John runs the business side. George Goodrich, master craftsman, builds the mattresses.

    Innerspring mattress label & Latex Mattress label from 1960s

    Mattress labels from the 1960s. 

    1970: Nearing retirement, John hires his nephew Charles Van Patten as an apprentice. George entrusts Charles with the mattress techniques that have been in the family for generations.

    Craftsman's signature on wood from a mattress.

    George Goodrich signed everything he made.

    1978:The apprenticeship is over. Charles purchases the company from John.

     WJ Southard Mattress Stock Certificate

    WJ Southard stock certificate.

    1979: The business grows and moves into a new plant.

    Article from the Post Standard on March 17, 1979.

    1984:We offer a mattress with a lifetime guarantee and learn nothing lasts forever.


    Ad for WJ Southard's lifetime warranty

    Advertisement in Herald Journal on March 22, 1984.

    1991:Charles begins teaching his thirteen-year-old son Neal the family business.

    Latex Mattress Label used in the 90s by WJ Southard

    Our mattress label in the 1990s

    2007:Neal returns to WJ Southard to carry on the family tradition.