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    What Goes into a Southard Organic & Natural Latex Mattress.

    Last we checked, there’s nothing comfortable about chemical flame retardants. If you only knew what goes into a conventional mattress, you probably wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. We’ll spare you the gritty details, by telling you about what goes into our organic mattresses instead.

    The materials in a Southard mattress are organic and natural which are grown and processed without the use of synthetic flame retardants, pesticides, herbicides, and harmful dyes.

    We are devoted to utilizing all natural and organic materials to make ultra-comfortable, healthy beds that help you sleep better and live better. Organic cotton, our special blend of organic and pure wool, natural latex, recycled steel, and Canadian spruce are the ingredients that go into our mattresses. The result is the mattress of your dreams that gives you a better night’s sleep and does so much good for your health.

    Mattress Materials with Benefits.

    There are so many factors that can awaken you at night. A new baby (whoever thought of the term “sleep like a baby” hasn’t met any of the newborns we know!); a neighbor who goes away on vacation and forgets to turn off his alarm clock; and yes, your mattress.

    The all-natural and organic materials in a WJ Southard Mattress work together to help improve your sleep. There will always be new babies screaming at 4 a.m., and neighbors who forget to turn off their alarm clocks. But on those nights when the stars are aligned and there aren’t any outside annoyances to awaken you, at least your mattress will be doing its job.

    Feet tangled up underneath a blanket from not sleeping on a natural latex mattress.So Happy Together.

    You love your partner. But not at three a.m. when you’re awakened by your partner’s endless tossing and turning. On average, a person can turn up to 50 times per night. Yes, sleep disturbance is not only bad news for tired partners, it can also put a strain on a relationship.

    WJ Southard Mattresses are designed to prevent movement dispersion. When one partner switches positions, the all-natural and organic materials, and individually wrapped coils absorb the impact. The other partner continues sleeping undisturbed. Both sleepers get to experience the kind of unceasing restorative sleep most only dream about. You and your partner feel more rested and happy. Avoid unnecessary quibbles about things like the position of the toilet seat cover. Save thousands of dollars avoiding couples therapy.  Who says you can’t always be good in and out of bed together?

    Old mattress with a phone on it calling for a new organic mattress.Your Back Called. You Need a New Mattress. 

    You would never work out all night long—even if you needed to drop a few lbs. to slip into that fabulous dress you intentionally bought two sizes too small. But, when you sleep on a mattress that isn’t fit for your body, working out all night long is essentially what you’re doing. You wake feeling sore, and wondering what you could have possibly done the day before to make your body feel so tired.

    The resilient all-natural and organic materials, including the organic cotton, our special blend with organic and pure wool, and the all-natural latex, in our organic mattress support the natural curves of your body, giving your major muscle groups the rest they need. 

    Pressure Relief.

    Doll with pins stuck into to show how you would feel if you don't sleep on an organic mattress.Do you ever get that not-so-comfortable feeling when you’re in bed? No, we’re not talking about the bleary-eyed mornings you might have experienced back in college when the beer goggles came off. We’re talking about how you can never seem to find a comfortable position in bed. You’re up all night, constantly tossing and turning because you can’t find the spot that feels just right.

    A bad mattress match might be to blame. The wrong mattress can exert pressure against your hips and shoulders, which results in the tossing and turning that leads to shallow sleep. In addition, pressure at weight bearing areas of the body can impair cellular respiration, increase heart rate, and raise blood pressure. (Sounds like a headache).

    Our organic mattresses are designed to support your body, without pushing back. Mild shifting is completely normal. But as you turn throughout the night, the airy organic and all-natural materials in a WJ Southard Mattress relieve pressure in a firm, yet gentle manner. Every position is a comfortable one, making it easy to fall into a deep sleep. Say goodbye to tossing and turning, as well as those annoying late-night infomercials.  

    Picture of goldilocks showing a latex mattress is not too cold and not too hotNot too Hot. Not too Cold. Just Right.

    Wake, kick off the covers, go back to sleep. Wake, pull up the covers, go back to sleep. Battling with bedding is a vicious never-ending cycle. Win the war with the right mattress.

    The organic cotton, organic and pure wool, natural latex in a WJ Southard Mattress allow air to circulate through the mattress and around your body. Your body breathes. And your body temperature remains just right, so you sweat less. You don’t wake up as often to adjust the covers, so it’s nothing but smooth sleeping for you. After a few weeks, you begin to love the new energized you. Other people love the new you too, including your partner who also suffered through sleepless nights due to your tossing and turning.

    NOTE: If your partner happens to be a cover stealer, we feel your pain (and your cold extremities.) Unfortunately, there are no cures for sleeping with a cover stealer, except twin beds. 

    Footprints in the desert to show you how dry the wool in an organic mattress keeps you.Dust Mites Beware.

    Dust mites are what stands between you and a restful night of easy breathing. We have nothing against them. We just believe that they have no place in your organic mattress. Since you perspire more asleep than you do awake, and dust mites thrive in wet, dark places, your mattress is valuable mite real estate.

    The organic cotton, organic and pure wool, and natural latex in a WJ Southard mattress have superior anti-microbial properties to prohibit mites. The materials wick away perspiration from your body and expel it into the air, making your mattress drier than the Sahara.