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    WJ Southard Mattress Reviews

    Testimonials from friends, family, and people we made up... Friends pants not fitting just like your friend's latex mattress won't work for you

    Would you believe them if we had them? If so, we’ve got a whole list of made up ones that make us sound great. Otherwise, google it, ask around, most importantly try out the mattress and see if you like it.  

    In the end, it really doesn’t make any difference what other people think. Would your friends’ or relatives’ pants be comfortable to wear? 

    Even Consumer Reports won’t recommend a mattress. So, how could a friend or some random quote from someone you don’t know help you decide which mattress you should sleep on.

    people loving us…

    Stock photo of women with a made up review of our natural latex mattress“I didn’t know what sleep was until I discovered this mattress. I’ll never sleep on a conventional one again! Thanks so much – we love it!“
    - Steph, Downingtown, PA 

    “Thank you for creating such a great mattress. I travel a lot, slept in many beds but your mattress delivers the best sleeping experience by far.”
    - Demetreus, Washington, DC

    “Beautiful. It is a work of art. Truly a great mattress.”
    - Antwi, Berkeley, CA

    “The last one that we bought from you last over 20 years. And, the new one feels even better with the organic materials! We’ll see you in 20 years.”
    - Carole, Cazenovia, NY

    “I love it, or I should say Noah loves it. He is very comfortable in his mattress and I feel better knowing that he's not sleeping on a pile of chemicals.”
    - Denise, Boston, MA

    “Wow! My organic mattress from WJ Southard is so comfortable.”
    - Dan, California

    “It’s been a long time since we last bought a latex mattress from you. 30 years to be precise.  We love our new latex mattress just as much as the old one.”
    - Doris, New York

    “We love our organic mattress.  We look forward to going to bed every night.”
    - Michele & Don, Virginia

    same mattress three different reviews. Natural Latex Mattress Cutaway

    “The latex mattress feels like a brick, but we put a latex pillow top on it like you suggested and it feels great.” - Monica, Colorado

    “It is way too soft. I can’t stand it.” - Alan, Massachusetts

    “I slept so well that I was late for work!” - Susan, New York

    organic mattress complaints…

    wait!!!!!!!! We can’t tell people about our problems.

    “The latex mattress is great, but it did have a slight smell of wool or cotton or something, but we opened the window and put a fan on it and the odor dissipated within a month. No problems since.” 
    Commentary: These people know how to follow instructions. By airing it out, the aroma dissipated…  When you go hiking in the forest, do you notice any smells?  We use materials from nature so they smell, too.  It is better than breathing in the VOCs from synthetically made materials.  Though, we could chemically treat it so that it doesn’t smell? We’d prefer to go au naturel.


    “It doesn’t feel like the one in the store.”
    Commentary: No two mattresses are like. When nature doesn’t make two snowflakes alike, we are unable to build two mattresses made from nature alike. There is some solace.  The mattress will be very similar to the one on the floor.  In our nearly hundred year existence, we have found that if you liked the comfort level in the store, it will be the right fit even with the slight variation in feel. (Unless you think it will.)

    Please note that we have made mattresses for over 90 years and have worked for some of the largest manufacturers in the world and the problem is the same for everyone. Just look at complaints on Complaints Board, Pissed Consumer, Consumer Affairs, Rip off Report, Epinions, etc.

    Dinner Conversation Fodder:Did you know that a twin size mattress will feel different than a king and so on? (Well, who actually talks about mattresses at dinner besides us? If you do, we’d love to have your for dinner.)


    “It’s too soft.”
    Commentary:  It takes time to adjust to a new mattress.  If you have been sleeping on a firm mattress, it will take time for your body to adjust to sleeping on a softer mattress.  Ever notice how long it takes time to adjust to a new pair of shoes.


    “It’s too hard.”
    Commentary: The good news is we can usually fix it.  The bad news is you need to spend more money.  You can add a pillowtop (preferable from us so we can make more money) or someone else.
    Remember that we do not accept returns.  Once it has been slept on, your organic mattress is used.  We can’t do anything except recycle it.  And, that is a lot of waste.  Aren’t we trying to be green?


    “I can see where I sleep.”
    Commentary: Unless you are the princess and the pea, this should not affect the performance of our organic mattress. The small body impressions less than an inch and a half and subtle shifts in the materials are perfectly normal and expected.  The materials will conform to your body like a pair of shoes. Proper care will prevent normal body impressions from becoming sags and prolong your mattress’ longevity. Yes, contrary to popular belief, you need to flip and rotate your mattress regularly to extend the life. To learn how to a flip a mattress, please read our product care.

    In the end, the only way to ensure a flat surface is to sleep on a concrete slap… Coming in 2015 from WJ Southard… The Concrete Mattress Collection.