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    Our 25 Year Limited, Prorated Mattress Warranty

    Having problems sleeping? Give this a try.

    What is the limited mattress warranty period?

    Typically, it is 25 years with the first ten non-prorated and the final fifteen prorated from the date of purchase. Basically, if you want a replacement after the first ten years, you will pay to get a replacement.  For example, you bought a $2,000 mattress. After 11 years, it starts to sag. You will need to pay $880 plus transportation costs.

    Please review the product information to know the exact length of other products.

    How long should my organic mattress really last?

    Nothing lasts forever with the exception of true love and diamonds.  And last we checked, you cannot make a mattress out of love alone; and a mattress made out of diamonds wouldn’t be very comfortable. After 10 years, which is roughly 3,650 nights, or approximately 29,200 hours of unceasing sleep on our organic mattress, you can imagine that it might be exhausted at this point. And the natural and organic materials may have aged so much, that it cannot give you the kind of support you need. (After 29,200 hours of work, you mightnot be able to do your job either.) And that’s why we recommend purchasing a new mattress after ten-years.

    Wait… did you just say that it will last 10 years, but you offer a 25 year limited warranty? Correct. But, it is a prorated. After 10 years, most mattresses begin to give out and start to lose some of its comfort and support.  And, if you need a replacement, you’ll need to pay for it.

    Until recently, we preferred to only offer a 10 year warranties, but everyone else is giving prorated 20 and 25 year warranties. And, people believed that our mattresses weren’t as good as our competitors because we gave a shorter warranty even though you need to pay to get a replacement after 10 years. So, we gave into peer pressure like we did back in high school. 

    And, now the fine print and exclusions.(which we did not make small.)

    Wait… we are supposed to hide this stuff and never talk about it. It’s one of our dirty little secrets, but we’d rather have you know now. And, just remember that we are a small family business and not looking to enforce our fine print with an iron hand. We’re real people and not some behemoth, soulless corporation.  If you have a problem, get in touch with us.

    How to make sure you keep you warranty? (How to care for your mattress)

    While we don’t force you to buy a foundation, like others, we do ask that you support your mattress, so it can support you. Adequate support helps to avoid structural damage and prevents your bed from sagging.

    • Full, queen, split queen, king and california king size sets: Use a bed frame that supports head, foot and sides as well as a rigid center support. (On a free standing bed frame, it should have at least 5 legs with a rigid center support.)
    • Bed with slats should have at least 5 five hardwood (i.e., oak or ash) slats (1 x 4’s) with center support with at least three sturdy legs touching the floor.
    • Regularly check all bolts, screws, legs, and castors on the bed frame regularly to make sure they haven’t loosened or tipped over.

    We highly recommend you purchase a new foundation from us, but if you insist, please remember;

    • Our organic mattresses are complaint with federal flammability laws. (And, we don’t use any chemicals, just wool.)  But, our organic mattresses and foundations are tested together.  Mixing and matching our mattress with another foundation or box spring will render the flammability tests void.
    • The mattress needs to be placed on a rigid, ventilated, flat surface.  Placing our mattress on a foundation without proper support may void the warranty.

    You may keep your old foundation or box spring, but remember that it may be a gamble.  You may save a few hundred dollars now, but live to regret it later.  (plus, if you buy one, it is a great way for us to make more money.)

    • Do not fold it, bend it, rip it…you get the point. Please note that you may fold only an all latex mattress in order to move it, but do not bend an innerspring mattress.
    • Don’t smoke in bed, burn candles in bed, or iron on your mattress.
    • We hate to side with your mother on this, but your bed is not a trampoline. It isn’t a breakfast table, either. (Although, we do think an occasional breakfast in bed can be quite enjoyable.)
    • Use protection. (Get those filthy thoughts out of your head.)  Buy a mattress protector. Liquids and sweat can lead to premature failure.
    • Do not place your mattress on solid platform. An obstruction like this will not allow your bed to breathe, resulting in mold.
    • Please flip and rotate your organic mattress regularly. 

    Please read our product care to learn more.

    Waste Not. Want Not. (We know we’re sounding like your mom again.)

    You’re human. And we know humans change their minds. But we simply cannot take your mattress back if you suddenly change your mind—and it’s for good reason. We strive to be environmentally friendly in everything we do. A lot of time, energy and materials went into making your mattress. And if we were to take a mattress back every time a person changed his or her mind, it would fly in the face of trying to be environmentally conscious. (And we really hate it when things fly in our faces). For that reason, we will only replace or fix your bed because of a structural defect and not the following reasons:

    • Height. Last we checked, spontaneous growth/shrinking does not happen. If you one day decide your bed is too tall or to short, we cannot take it back.
    • Sheets. We will not take your mattress back because your sheets do not fit.
    • Age. We hate to be the one to tell you this, but you are getting older. As you age, your body will change. Unfortunately, your mattress won’t change with you. What feels good today, might feel hard five years from now—and while we feel your pain (because we too are aging), we cannot cover that.
    • Sensitivities. If you suffer from any chemical sensitivities or are allergic to any materials.  Make sure that you test them out before buying. If you have any doubt, please look elsewhere.  We’d rather have you sleep better than buy a mattress from us.
    • Looks.It’s what’s inside that counts. You are going to put sheets over it. Right? So, remember that mattresses sometimes have or develop missing stitches, small tears, scuffs, pilling, and pleats in the fabric, crooked seams, loose threads, and other slight cosmetic flaws.  It will not affect the way you sleep unless you are the princess and the pea. (If you are, we may not be the mattress for you.) Still concerned about the minor imperfections?  Take a photo and email us.  We’ll let you know if it will affect the performance of your mattress.
    • Impressions.Gentle body impressions less than an inch and half and subtle shifts are perfectly normal, but it will not affect the performance of your sleep system. The materials should conform to your body like a pair of shoes. Proper care will prevent normal body impressions from becoming sags and prolong your mattress’ longevity.
    • Aromas.(A nice way of saying it smells.)It’s natural.  What do you expect?  We could chemically treat it so the organic mattress doesn’t smell? We’d prefer to go au naturel. Still concerned? Let it air out. The odor will dissipate within a few days.  In the end, it is better than breathing in VOCs from synthetic materials. 
    • Handles. Use them to position the mattress, but NOT to lift the mattress.
    • Softening. Yes, mattresses soften overtime, unless you want to sleep on a slab of concrete.

    Other considerations.

    • Please keep your receipt and law tags. Be sure to have it in case there are any problems.
    • Unfortunately, things change and we may have to substitute materials or models of equal or greater value and can not guarantee that the replacement will match the existing piece.
    • If your organic mattress is repaired or replaced, it will not extend or start a new warranty period.
    • If the mattress is defective, we ask you to pay for delivery of the new mattress to your home.
    • The warranty period is extended only to the original purchaser of the organic mattress.

    What should I do if I think that I have a warranty claim?

    Please review the exclusions.  (We just hope that you read them before you purchase your mattress so that it isn’t a surprise.)  If you believe you have one, please contact the retailer that you purchased the organic mattress from.  Provide them with a description and photos of the defect.  If your retailer is unable to assist you, please email our customer service representative, Haywood Jabuzoff, at

    If you don’t hear from us, we are ignoring you and hoping the problem will go away.  In all seriousness, if you don’t get a response within 48 hours, please try again. Or, post it on a complaint website.  And, then like most companies, we will finally respond.

    PDF logo to download 25 year warranty brochure. Download WJ Southard's 25 year limited warranty brochure.