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    Mattress Buyers' Beware

    Don't trust mattress salesmen.Mattress imperfections. (We are going to regret this.)

    Mattress people, like us, usually don’t talk about our imperfections. It tends to scare people away. 

    In reality, these issues don’t occur that often, but in case it does, we want you to be prepared. 

    Waste Not. Want Not.  (We sound like your mom.)

    You’re human. And we know humans change their minds. But we simply cannot take your mattress back if you suddenly change your mind—and it’s for good reason. We strive to be environmentally friendly in everything we do. A lot of time, energy and materials went into making your mattress. And if we were to take a mattress back every time a person changed his or her mind, it would fly in the face of trying to be environmentally conscious. (And we really hate it when things fly in our faces). For that reason, we will only replace or fix your bed because of a structural defect and not the following reasons:


    Aromas.(A nice way of saying it smells.)

    It’s natural.  What do you expect?  We could chemically treat it so it doesn’t smells? We’d prefer to go au naturel. In the end, it is better than breathing in VOCs from synthetic materials.

    Still concerned? Let it air out. Stripping the mattress and put fans on it usually helps eliminate the aromas. The odor should dissipate within a few weeks.

    Give it time.

    Just like a brand new pair of shoes, you’ll need time to get used to your mattress. Please note that if you dramatically change the type or feel of a mattress that you sleep on, it will take time for your body to adjust.  It could take up to a month and there could be some minor discomfort at first.  If you are impatient or don’t like change, stick with what you have always slept on.

    Looks don’t matter.

    It’s what’s inside that counts. You are going to put sheets over it, right? So, remember that mattresses sometimes have or develop missing stitches, pilling, small tears, scuffs, pleats in the fabric, crooked seams, loose threads, and other slight cosmetic flaws.  It will not affect the way you sleep unless you are the princess and the pea. (If you are, we may not be the mattress for you.)
    Still concerned about the minor imperfections?  Take a photo and email us.  We’ll let you know if it will affect the performance of your mattress.

    It’s not the same.

    No two mattresses are like. When nature doesn’t make two snowflakes alike, we are unable to build two mattresses made from nature alike. There is some solace.  The mattress will be very similar to the one on the floor.  In our nearly hundred year existence, we have found that if you liked the comfort level in the store, it will be the right fit even with the slight variation in feel. (Unless you think that it will.)

    Please note that we have made mattresses for over 90 years and have worked for some of the largest manufacturers in the world and the problem is the same for everyone. Just look at complaints on Complaints Board, Pissed Consumer, Consumer Affairs, Rip off Report, Epinions, etc.

    Dinner Conversation Fodder: Did you know that a twin size mattress will feel different than a king and so on? (Well, who actually talks about mattresses at dinner besides us? If you do, we’d love to have your for dinner.)

    I can see where I slept.

    Unless you are the princess and the pea, this should not affect the performance of our organic mattress. The small body impressions less than an inch and a half and subtle shifts in the materials are perfectly normal and expected.  The materials will conform to your body like a pair of shoes. Proper care will prevent normal body impressions from becoming sags and prolong your mattress’ longevity. Yes, contrary to popular belief, you need to flip and rotate your mattress regularly to extend the life. To learn how to a flip a mattress, please read our product care.

    In the end, the only way to ensure a flat surface is to sleep on a concrete slap… Coming in 2025 from WJ Southard, The Concrete Mattress Collection.