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    How to care for natural & organic mattresses

    Love your Mattress. It will love you back.

    Follow our care guidelines to make sure your organic mattress lives up to its fullest potential. If, for some unexplained reason (which as you know, many things in life happen for inexplicable reasons) your mattress falls apart, our 25-year prorated, limited mattress warrantywill protect you. 

    Common Sense(For Some.)

    Please avoid the following things, which coincidentally will ruin your favorite Southard Mattress:

    • Do not fold it, bend it, rip it…you get the point.
    • Don’t smoke in bed, burn candles in bed, or iron on your mattress.
    • We hate to side with your mother on this, but your bed is not a trampoline. It isn’t a breakfast table, either. (Although, we do think an occasional breakfast in bed can be quite enjoyable.)

    Proper Support.

    While we don’t force you to buy a foundation, like others, we do ask that you support your mattress, so it can support you. Adequate support helps to avoid structural damage and prevents your bed from sagging.

    • Full, queen, split queen, king and california king size sets: Use a bed frame that supports head, foot and sides as well as a rigid center support. (On a free standing bed frame, it should have at least 5 legs with a rigid center support.)
    • Bed with slats should have at least 5 five hardwood (i.e., oak or ash) slats (1 x 4’s) with center support with at least three sturdy legs touching the floor.

              Proper metal frame tosupport for an organic mattress or latex mattress.. 

    • Regularly check all bolts, screws, legs, and castors on the bed frame regularly to make sure they haven’t loosened or tipped over.

    We highly recommend you purchase a new foundation from us, but if you insist, please remember;

    • Our organic mattresses are complaint with federal flammability laws. (And, we don’t use any chemicals, just wool.)  But, organic mattresses and foundations are tested together.  Mixing and matching our mattress with another foundation or box spring will render the flammability tests void.
    • The mattress needs to be placed on a rigid, ventilated, flat surface.  Placing our mattress on a foundation without proper support may void the warranty.

    You may keep your old foundation or box spring, but remember that it may be a gamble.  You may save a few hundred dollars now, but live to regret it later.  (Plus, if you buy one, it is a great way for us to make more money.)

    Help My Bed is Possessed.

    Before you call in an exorcist, note that noises usually originate from the bed frame, headboard or footboard. Remove mattress and foundation from the bed. Check the frame by pushing down in several locations to locate the noise. If the noise cannot be located, replace the foundation on the frame and repeat the test. Finally, replace the mattress and repeat the test. 

    Maintaining Comfort.

    Contrary to popular belief, you need to flip and rotate your mattress.  Proper care will prevent normal body impressions from becoming sags and prolong your mattress’ life.

    Rotating Instructions: Please rotate your mattress every three months to encourage even wear.

    How to rotate an organic mattress

    Flipping Instructions: Please flip every six months to minimize body impressions.

    How to flip a natural latex mattress

    Warning:Look out for your back. Never flip or turn your mattress alone. It is a job for two.


    • Unless your WJ Southard is a custom size, use a standard-size washable, waterproof mattress protector to keep the sleep system clean and free of odors and help reduce allergens.
    • Should a liquid soak through your mattress protector, remove sheets and pads immediately. If possible, please expose to direct sunlight.  Make sure it is complete dry before flipping or putting sheets and pads back on.
    • Unfortunately, stains are very hard to remove. This is why we recommend always using a mattress protector. Never use harsh detergents or hard brushes.
    • Use a small handheld vacuum to remove dirt, dust, or lint.

    Let it Breathe.

    • The fresh cotton-lanolin scent you detect comes from the aroma of the natural materials. Simply let the bed air out without any sheets, and the scent will subside.
    • Once a month, strip all the sheets and mattress pad to allow the natural fibers in your mattress to breathe.
    • Do not place your mattress on solid wood boards. An obstruction like this will not allow your bed to breathe, resulting in mold.

    Thank you.

    We know you’re itching to make up your bed, and crawl beneath the sheets (if we haven’t already put you to sleep.) We apologize for the short delay, but appreciate your taking the time to read our care instructions and warranty. Sleep well.


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