About Us

Collage of images showing the history of WJ Southard making latex mattresses.

During your lifetime, you’ll spend 25 years in bed.  

We spent 90 years making sure it’s time well spent.   

WJ Southard opened his mattress store in Syracuse, NY in 1915. Since then, we have designed and slept on a lot of different beds—some better than others. And while a lot has changed since our inception, some things have remained the same.

We still use organic and natural materials because they live and breathe in an entirely different way than their synthetic counterparts of today. Simply put, organic and natural materials make a better bed.

And, we handcraft your mattress using the same techniques we used almost 100 years ago. The end result is a mattress that’s healthier for you and the environment.

Want To Know More? Just Google us and find out about our deep dark secrets.