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    About Us

    Collage of images showing the history of WJ Southard making latex mattresses.

    Ever think about how much time we spend snoozing away? Over a lifetime, it’s about 25 years in bed! 😲 Now, wouldn’t you want that to be time well spent?

    Guess what? We've dedicated over a century to make sure it is!

    Our story began in 1915 when WJ Southard opened his mattress shop in Syracuse, NY. Imagine the tales our beds could tell! Over the years, we've tried, tested, and dozed off on countless beds. Some were dreamy, others… well, let’s just say they were learning experiences.

     Here's a nugget of wisdom from our century-long journey: organic and natural materials just feel different. Beyond their undeniable comfort, they're a choice that can reduce our exposure to some not-so-great chemicals that synthetics often bring to the table.

    And a bit of nostalgia: we still handcraft mattresses with techniques that have been passed down through generations. It's about crafting a sleep experience that's genuine and consistent.

    Every mattress we craft for you carries the love, dedication, and craftsmanship techniques we've cherished since day one. It's like getting a piece of history, tailored for modern comfort.

    Feel like diving a bit deeper into our story? Learn more here. We're proud of our heritage, and we believe in being an open book. Happy sleeping!