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    Our Guarantees

    Why do mattress companies have to always have a guarantee? (lowest price guarantee, purest mattress guarantee, etc.) Are they insecure? Well, we are. So, we thought that we would make some up to sound important. 

    The no comfort guaranteeSign saying no return showing that you can't return a WJ Southard Natural Latex Mattress

    Guaranteed that if you don’t like it, we won’t exchange or refund it. Once you slept on it, the mattress is used and you own it. So, choose wisely. If this makes you uncomfortable, we recommend buying from someone else. We’d rather not sell a mattress than have you mad at us. Remember, we are very sensitive and can’t deal with people saying mean things about us.

    By the way, what happens to a mattress when you return it?

    NOT the lowest price guarantee

    Stamp guaranteeing that WJ Southard doesn't have the lowest prices.Pretty simple. We absolutely guarantee that you can find a mattress for a lower price.

    Guaranteed that we think we are the best!Stamp saying 100% natural latex mattress

    We love bragging and arguing who is better than who. It feeds our ego. And, we love a good game of one-upmanship. So, we guarantee that we can find some minute detail to prove how we are better than our competitors. Just ask and we’ll find one.