Our Offset Innerspring Unit

Innersspring used inside of Southard's Organic Innerspring MattressThe offset coil construction creates a balanced sleep surface that eliminates waking due to roll together and partner disturbance. The coils initially respond with gentle comfort, and then adjust with increasing firmness to provide proper support as weight is applied. The unit conforms to the body, providing superior spine alignment and a more rejuvenating, restorative sleep.


Did you know:
The innerspring unit is NOT the reason why a mattress will sag, but huge amount of cheap polyurethane foam and polyester put over it to make thick mattresses.

Mattresses containing an innerspring unit.

The Archetype - Innerspring Mattress

The Archetype - Innerspring Pillowtop Mattress

Technical Stuff: (This is for the real mattress geeks!)

Offset open coil.

14 Gauge wire

Made in the United States

Uses 95% recycled steel.

Coil Count

  • Twin – 252
  • Full – 357
  • Queen – 460
  • King – 575