Nothing Lasts Forever – Including a Natural Latex Mattress.

Advertisement for WJ Southard's Lifetime WarrantyA few of our competitors offer lifetime guarantees on their latex mattresses. Many ask, why doesn’t WJ Southard offer a lifetime guarantee? The answer is simple: with the exception of true love and diamonds, nothing lasts forever. And last we checked, you cannot make a mattress out of love alone, and a natural latex mattress made out of diamonds wouldn’t be very comfortable.

Somewhere in our 100-year exploration into the depths of sleep, we did offer a lifetime guarantee. But we discovered that no mattress can be made to offer the right kind of gentle support and last forever.

We use all-natural and organic materials because they make a mattress that’s better for you and the environment. But in our journey to create a better mattress, we have found that all-natural and organic materials not only support your body in a better manner, they also last longer than their synthetic counterparts.

Simply put, our organic mattress materials strike the balance between being supportive and durable.