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    Organic Mattress Reviews

    February 26, 2013 2 min read

    When we can go to Fiverr and pay someone $5 to write a glowing review about our mattresses, how do we know what to trust when we are online? 

    What about review sites? Can we trust them? Probably not.Organic Mattress Reviews is a great example. Here is a site that primarily links to The Natural Sleep Store in Colorado. Plus, it is one of the few places that talks about Bella Sera mattresses, which you guessed it is made by The Natural Sleep Store.

    Now, we could be wrong. And, we’ll happily eat crow and post a deep hearted apologize. But, this website is not transparent and leaves room for us to guess who is actually behind the site. Why can’t you send them an email? Why such a vague description of who they are? Why is the website registered by proxy so no one can find out who the owner is? In a time, when you can pay people to write reviews, there needs to be a little more transparency.

    Ok. I know what you are thinking. Those guys at WJ Southard are just upset that they aren’t listed. Well, we are because it has the highest ranking in Googlewhen you search “Organic Mattress Reviews.” We’d love to be listed because more people would know about our organic mattresses. In the end, we would not care if we just knew who was behind it like Luxury Organic Mattress who tells you who he is and admits that he receives commissions from Essentia, Green Sleep, Royal Pedic and Organic Pedic. Bravo!

    Since we are kicking over the hornets’ nest, we are eagerly awaiting Organic Mattress Reviews to give us a one star review or write a less than flattering review of our organic mattresses.