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    The Cazenovian - Natural Latex Mattress with Pillowtop

    As a child, perhaps you slept with a blanket, or a stuffed animal, or even sucked your thumb. Somewhere around age seven, you realized that sleeping with such things was uncool. So, you gave blanky/teddy/Mr. Thumbkin up. Secretly though, after a bad day, you wished that you had kept your object of security around. The Cazenovian is all those things (blanky, teddy, and Mr. Thumbkin) wrapped into one. The extra layer of latex provides the type of pacifying comfort you last felt before you kissed Thumbkin goodbye.

    Three inch layer of natural latex.
    Six inch core of natural latex.
    20 oz per yd2 wool batting made with a blend of organic and pure wool.
    5 oz per yd2 fabric made with organic cotton.

    Two-sided quilted mattress with a two-sided removable quilted pillowtop.
    Best supported by our wood slat foundation, but it may be placed on a platform bed, as long as the bed provides ample support. Make sure you review our warranty and product care so that it is properly supported.

    Not too hard, not too soft, just right.
    Why one firmness? Simplicity. When your grandmother bought her mattress from us, we only offered one. Do we really need to make it more confusing?

    Approximately 11"

    25 year prorated, limited warranty.
    Knowing is half the battle. So, please peruse it so that there aren't any surprises later on.
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    Please note that because all mattresses are made by hand, the dimensions may vary by up to an inch. (Nobody is perfect. Not even us though we think we are.) Don't worry. In our nearly one hundred years of existence, it hasn't affected how the mattress fits into the frame of the bed.


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